Power battery test evaluation

For power battery manufacturers, battery pack should go through 6 key stages from R&D to application:


During the above process, the following test maybe included: battery module/pack’s structure, heat management, cell/BMS/harness/module/pack’s function, performance, working environment, life-time, failure mode test, etc. therefore, it is important to build up a battery pack test solution for a company’ R&D and manufacture.

Nebula’s Power battery pack working condition simulation test system can integrates multiple third-party equipment, including liquid cooling system, temperature chamber, vibration stand, thermal imager and insulation & voltage withstand tester, etc. 

Our clients could install Nebula power battery pack working condition recorder in the sample electric vehicle. The recorder will collect the voltage, current, temperature and output condition in every 1 ms. The data sampling time resolution is 1ms. With that, we can collect the most terrible working condition of battery pack and provide a typical model for EV and battery manufacturers. 

Edit the collected working condition data. Choose the part you want and put it in the Nebula power battery working condition simulation test system, you can do the actual output on battery while cooperated with other third-party testers. Then you can observe the battery pack condition in lab.