Battery module automation line with wire bonding technique

The most obvious feature of this line is that it integrate perfectly the robots, testers and MES. Equipped with testers, including cell sorting, battery block polarity judgment, welding spot tension test, torsion feedback, insulation and withstand voltage, MBB test and module EOL test, it could upload all the data to MES. All these data will benefit the process management, data track, quality track and analysis.


The wire-bonding technique battery module production line is a strategic product brought out by Nebula and Xingli in 2006. It makes the intelligent manufacturing of cylindrical battery module turn into large-scale production. The key welding station adopt the wire bonding technique of Kulicke & Soffa. On one hand, it’s still a compatible line while guarantee the quality of massive production. On the other hand, it will reduce the customers’ risk on investing the battery module production. This line mainly applies to the 18650/21700/26650 battery of passenger vehicle, logistics vehicle, LSEV (low-speed electric cars) and electric motorcycle.

Key parameters of the line:

1.Max. Capacity: 14400pcs/h

2.Max. Dimension of battery block: 200mm * 400mm * 100mm

3.Max. Dimension of battery module: 200mm * 400mm* 700mm