Wind-Solar-Charging-ESS solution


Wind-solar-charging-ESS adopts the pilot-used battery or new ES battery and integrates the charging pile, solar energy, wind energy and power grid. It is an intelligent ESS.

With the Nebula intelligent energy management software, you can optimize the management of energy via computer. Store energy at low-price electricity and release it at peak. By doing that, the electricity cost can be cut down. Nebula’s AC/DC, DC/DC inverters make it possible to parallel ES battery and DC charging pile to DC bus. It can solve the negative effect on grid caused by fast charge. As for the energy switch efficiency, it could be 30% better than the current AC/DC charging pile. 

Besides that, Nebula’s ES inverter and ESS intelligent control system could be applied to the mobile ESS solution. It means huge step to provide the new energy mobile rescue vehicle and mobile emergency supply.

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