Prismatic battery module automation line

Prismatic battery module automaticproduction line integrates the robot, cell process,welding machine, module tester, MES.

Main work station:

1.    Process cellbefore being packed

2.    Side cover andend cover welding

3.    Glue injecting ofbottom cover

4.    Bottom coverpress

5.    Module drying

6.    Low-voltageinsulation test of battery module

7.    Connecting platewelding

8.    EOL test afterwelding

9.    Check thewelding, install end cover and check module outlook

Perfect match between weldingtechnique and vision localization: make sure high accuracy of welding viavision localization system. Normally the accuracy could be up to ±0.05mm. Collect data through visionsystem and send feedback information to control system if there is somedeviation. Therefore, it could keep the localization at high accuracy.

Strong height-follow system: since thewelding height of battery modules cannot be exact the same. So pseudo welding,gouging welding may happen during welding process. That’s why it’s hard to assure the welding quality.

Height-follow system is different fromthe traditional height measure machine. It measures the pressure head’s position of hold-down mechanism via laser displacementsensor. Any height change of the pressure head will be detected and feedback to control system. Focal length roller will adjust its position according to thefeedback.