Battery pack cycle tester( Energy regeneration)


Apply to the high power battery pack's cycle test, including EV battery module, E-bike/power tool/ gardening tool/medical machine battery pack. The tester can monitor the cycle test result. The released energy under discharging condition are capable to regenerate. 


System features

1. Modular design, high integration, easy to maintain, high stability

2. The released energy will be suppiled for the channesl under charging condition. After that, the extra energy will flow back to the power grid and cut down the power assumption cost.

3. Little generated heat. high charging accuracy

4. Energy conservation, small-size, long life, plant optimization, 

5. Wide range of voltage and current for choose. compatible with various battery

6. Complete cycle protection function

7. Independent channels, high efficiency

8. Channel parallel available. output current range can be expanded.

9. CAN-BUS writing and communication available (extra option)

10. BMS and DBC documents can be imported 

Battery pack cycle tester( Energy regeneration).pdf

Product description

Test items:

1. Battery cycle life test

2. Monitor the over-charging/discharging protection function during cycle test

3. Battery capacity detect

4. Battery cycle feature test

5. Voltage, current and temperature detect during cycle test

7. Battery DCIR test(optional)

8. Battery working condition performance test(optional)