Battery cell cycle tester( Energy regeneration)


Apply to the cell cycle test, aging test,cell performance, capacity test, IR test, deep-discharging test, function testof high power cells, such as EV battery module, ES battery module, super capacitor.The tester’s energy switch could be up to 80%.



System features

1. Modular design, highintegration, easy to maintain, reliable

2. Energy dissipation costdecrease in large scale; high regeneration efficiency, little generated heat,high charging accuracy

3. Green-style, small-size, longlife, plant optimization, heat dissipation improved

4. Wide-range voltage/currentoutput for various battery

5. Complete cycle test protectionfunctions. Cut down the risk of battery manufacturing process

6. Independent channels provideshigh effective production

Battery cell cycle tester( Energy regeneration).pdf

Product description

Test items

1. Battery aging test:CC/CV/constant power/CC to CV/ current phase/current rampe/

2. Terminate discharging state conditions:voltage/current/time/capacity/cell voltage

3. Cell capacity detection

4. Voltage/ current/ temperaturedetection during cycle test process

5. Temperature detection

6. Over-voltage, over-current,over-power, over-temperature

7. Reverse connection detection

8. AC power grid breakdownresponse function

9. Self-check

10. Battery working condition simulation

11. Discharge under 0 voltage