Battery pack PCM test system


Apply to the battery pack of e-tool, gardening tool, e-bike and backup power supply. It could test the basic feature, protection function of 1s-10s battery pack's PCM. It also support to download, calibrate, compare the parameters of the gas gauge IC. 

The tester could be equipped with the MES to manage the test data.


System features

1.Available to multiple series of PCM.

2. High integration. Apply to cycle test in the same or different port. Multiple-level current protection solution available.

3. Test the key items of the PCM via multiple battery simulation module with 0.1-4.8V

4. Easy to do test through host computer software.

5. The test results can be saved and could benefit the CPK

6. Compatible with various protection IC

7. Possible to expand the battery simulation modules

Product description

Test items:

Regular test itemsPortection test itemsData test
1. IC current/voltage calibration1. Cell/pack over-voltage test1. Produce information comparison
2. Quiescent current2. Over-temprature/over-current test under charging and discharging condition2. Data FLash comparison
3. IDR/THR/ACIR test3. Cell/pack under-voltage test3. SBS comparison
4. OV/LV test4. Short-circuit protection under discharging condition4. I2C/SMBus/HDQ communication test
5. Pre-charge/ Second-level over-voltage protection



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