Nebula attended Battery Japan 2017 -International Rechargeable Battery Expo

Time:2017-03-08  Source:  Hit:1394

Provide Li-ion battery test and automation solutions for New Energy corporate

During March 1st to 3rd ,2017, Fujian Nebula Electronics attended the Battery Japan 2017 in Tokyo Big sight as the professional supplier of Li-ion battery test and intelligent manufacture solutions. Nebula displayed the newest Li-ion battery test technology and automation solution during the Expo.

Most advanced rechargeable battery manufacturers and other related company joined together at the show. Visitors come from rechargeable manufacturers, portable device manufacturers, battery users, universities, research institutes, EV corporate, electronics factory, etc. There are various areas desperately for equipment, material, battery, tester, capacitor. It is an influential rechargeable Battery Expo in the world.

Nebula displayed the Li-ion battery pack working condition simulation test system and Power battery system test evaluation solutions. Battery pack working condition simulation test system is widely applied to the Li-ion battery pack, super capacitor, motor performance test, etc. It could realize the curve-output in Millisecond and simulate the actual working condition of battery. The current/voltage accuracy is up to ≤0.5‰F.S, current rise time ≤3ms, switching time ≤6ms. Meanwhile, the system can integrate various third-parties, such as liquid cooling system, temperature chamber, vibration stand, thermal imager, insulation & withstand voltage tester. With the integration, Nebula can provide overall evaluation & test solution of power battery pack.  

Besides, Nebula introduce the newest Li-ion battery pack intelligent manufacture solution with wire bonding technique. Discuss with the talents from different countries about how to survive and upgrade the manufacturing technique with the high pressure from new energy vehicle industry.

Through this Expo, Nebula not only enhances the cooperation relationship with customers, but also has fierce discussion with lots of talents on various industrial issues. Nebula will learn from the idea exchanges and keep innovate in order to be the ever leader of the industry.