In 2017

Enter the stock market at Shenzhen stock exchange and issued A-shares.

In 2016

Work with a famous battery manufacturer and complete the R&D of ESS

Build up strategic cooperation relationship with lots of famous battery manufacturers and EV companys

Launch the prismatic and pouch battery module automatic welding line and pack assembly line with AGV( Auto guided vehicle)

Launch the 18650 battery module full-automatic assembly line with wire bonding technique

In 2015

Awarded as the Fujian innovation corporate

Won the first prize (Enterprises Group) in The 4th China Innovation Entrepreneurship Competition (Fujian Area) & The 3rd Fujian Innovation Entrepreneurship Competition

Launch the 18650 battery module/pack automatic assembly line with ERW(electric resistance welding) technique and battery for EV

In 2014

Complete the shareholding reform

Start construct Nebula Technology Park

Take the lead in launching the polymer battery module assembly line and battery pack EOL tester for EV

In 2013

Set up branch office in Shenzhen and Suzhou city

Launch the automatic assembly line of mobilephone polymer battery pack 

Take the lead in launching 18650 battery cell sorting system with the capacity of 6000 pcs/h

Launch the battery management system(BMS) test system for EV battery

In 2012

Establish subsidiary corporate named Fuzhou Nebula Automatic technique Co. ltd

Awarded as the Fujian province software

Awarded as the Advanced company with excellent quality management

Launch the first automatic test system for cellphone battery end product

In 2011

Awarded as the Fujian province high-tech company

Start EV battery business, and launch the 400kW power battery pack working condition simulator with advanced techniques

In 2010

Launch the 18650 battery cell automatic sorting system and cylindrical cell automatic spot welding system

Launch the Power battery pack PCM and end product test system

Decide to be the system integrator of Li-ion battery pack automatic assembly line basing on test equipment

In 2009

Enter the supply chain of Samsung and pass the audit of A famous cellphone company from USA

In 2008

Notebook battery PCM, end product and cycle tester passed the audit of world-famous laptop corporate.

In 2007

Entered into the supply chain of SMP,  Li-ion battery manufacturer

In 2005

The four founders established Fuzhou Nebula Electronics Automation Co., Ltd 

Successfully developed the first notebook Li-ion battery pack PCM test system in China